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How To Live Homeless in Style
"A bible of Homelessness in America"
Brother Ron Fender, BSG Director of the Community Kitchen for The Homeless in Chattanooga, TN

Dr. Spalding compiles immense knowledge and comparisons of different situations and levels of poverty in his book How to Live Homeless in Style. He successfully fills each page with value by inserting real life stories, tips, and recommendations on how to survive both physically and mentally. His interviews are insightful yet heart wrenching as he brings true awareness to the issues facing the homeless. Very educational as well as eye opening for those who feel they are alone in their circumstances.
Susan Del Gatto

Midwest Book Review


Every city in the country has a homeless population. People have been expelled from their homes or apartments because they could not pay their mortgage or rent. A very large percentage of the homeless in America are children. How do such impoverished men, women, and children survive? What can they do to survive, let alone improve their quality of life? Along with simple acts of charity, their friends, relatives, and social workers can provide them with a copy of Robert Spaulding's "How To Live Homeless In Style: Plus, 50 Ways to Survive on Plastic Bottles in These Economic Times". This is a 391-page compendium of practical, specific, thoroughly 'user friendly', real-world oriented, tried and tested ideas, suggestions, advice, and informative commentary on surviving homelessness in American today. Enhanced throughout with 175 photographs, of special note is the exceptionally useful information provided on 'dumpster diving' for plastic bottles to create a variety of survival tools for daily use. Also very highly recommended for both academic, welfare agency, and public library collections, "How To Live Homeless In Style" also provides an extensive and thematically appropriate bibliography, and would prove to be quite instructive and valuable reading for anyone at risk for becoming homeless.

“Robert Spalding has amassed a unique, eclectic mix of research and experiences that offers something for everyone interested in homelessness.” David H. Chattanooga, Tennessee




The Science of Pedicures

Written by Dr. Robert Spalding, Death By Pedicure: The Dirty Secret Of Nail Salons is a chilling indictment of health code violations that are all too frequent in nail salons, and their catastrophic consequences - which are sometimes lethal. Wherever bacterial organisms and instruments that can draw blood are found, therein lies danger. Chapters discuss how the reader can protect himself or herself from unsanitary nail salons or nail technicians, and common foot and nail care products to avoid. However, Death By Pedicure also discusses the positive benefits of manicures and pedicures, including the possibility that nail technicians can detect and refer foot problems before they turn serious. A serious-minded, highly readable discussion accessible to lay readers and recommended for anyone with ties to the nail care industry, whether as a client, an employee, or through business connections.

Michael J. Carson


The Kingdom Of Fu Fu

Midwest Book Review

"The Kingdom Of Fu Fu reveals a whimsical land of creatures who live in a blue and yellow island home. When a young little Fu Fu is swept away by a sudden storm from his home and finds himself on a distant shore, he learns that Fu Fus are just blue and yellow, but come in every color and live happily together. Robert Spalding's engaging, imaginative, and entertaining story is aptly illustrated by Chris Lyle and subtly teaches young readers about diversity and friendship. With its strong theme of friendship and diversity, The Kingdom Of Fu Fu is highly recommended for school and library picture book collections."





Sara Claus and the Flying Christmas Pigs
Robert T Spalding

Children - Chapter Books
Reviewed for ReadersFavorite.com

It is a few weeks before Christmas and Santa has the flu. The reindeer have come down with a bad case of mites and will not be available to fly Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. The polar cap is melting and due to flooding, Santa's workshops have been unable to make sufficient toys for the children of the world.

Enter Mrs. Sara Kringle, Santa's wife. She is an organized and highly efficient woman who has organized toy factories throughout the world. She solicits the services of Charlie, a lonely man who plays Santa at the local mall. He, in turn, is able to get the assistance of 200 helpers, 100 "Santas" and 100 "Saras" to help him deliver the presents on Christmas Eve.

Since the reindeer are not available to lead the sleigh, Sara Kringle has secretly been giving gifted pigs flying lessons and they are now ready to step in and help deliver the toys. All it takes is a bit of coordination and Christmas will be delivered to the children as planned.

This is a lovely story which will delight young children. Even though the events are predictable, children will still be able to speculate on how the grand event will be carried off without a hitch. This is a story which will delight grade school children and will be fun for parents to read to their children as well.



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